Adjust Press-ready PDFs right in Adobe® Acrobat®

Adjust Print Ready PDFs in seconds

  • Apply corrections directly in Adobe® Acrobat®
  • No need to edit the original InDesign or photoshop files and re-create PDFs.
  • Eliminate expensive pre-press work in Photoshop and press down-time
  • PatchFinder

  • Easily find the adjustments you need to give the results you want.
  • PatchFinder will show you each adjustment's results. NO need to guess.
  • PatchFinder patches will show you exactly what each adjustment will do on your press. No more guessing!
  • On Screen Preview

  • Allows a visual comparison of any adjustments.
  • See the effects of your adjustments on screen.
  • Side by side comparisons of original and Adjusted files.
  • Selective Color Technology

  • Selective color lets you target where the color shift originates - primaries, secondaries or gray balance.
  • Patented selective color algorithms designed specifically for color issues on CMYK devices.
  • EasyButtons

  • Get the results desired for recurring challenges
  • Ready-made adjustments for color issues commonly encountered on-press.
  • Mix and match EasyButtons to get the exact effect you are looking for.
  • Or create your own custom EasyButtons.
  • Color Balance

  • Create custom adjustments for any color desired.
  • Use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black families to adjust color balance of primaries.
  • Or use Red, Green or Blue families to adjust the secondary overprints.
  • The neutral family allows adjustment of gray balance across the image.
  • Retain Press Calibration

  • Adjust color without compromising your G7® or other calibration.
  • You work hard to linearize your press - why be forced to use non-linear adjustments?
  • ColorPower is quick, accurate and easy to use

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